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Patient Testimonials

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  • A God Send to my sinus problems

    Very pleasant and professional. Support staff excellent. Gave complete instructions and description of procedure and expectations.

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  • I have had wonderful results from my otoplasty by Dr. Grosinger!

    Everyone is so nice and helpful. My otoplasty turned out great and my only wish is that I would have had it done years ago!

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  • Awesome

    Dr. Grosinger and staff have been wonderful! Addressed all concerns and questions. In addition, spent appropriate time. Highly recommended!!!

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  • Thumbs up

    Dr. Grosinger has been my physician for almost 20 years. During this time, I have undergone three medical procedures under his care, which have improved the quality of my health. Dr. Grosinger and his staff are very efficient, caring and personable. I respect Dr. Grosinger and trust his expertise.

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  • Great Doctor

    I had a nasal cauterization done and I never had pain until I got home. The nurse and doctors were great! I was a little nervous at first but the doctor made me feel more comfortable. I didn't really care for the numbing spray due to the fact that it didn't affect me any. The appointment lasted around a total of 30 minutes. I highly suggest this doctor. I was a little upset due to the fact that I had to wait a month to get an appointment.

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  • It was fabulous

    Dr Grosinger was kind and truly concerned about my well being.

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  • Chronic (6 mths) nasal congestion

    Thorough, Detailed, Friendly. Successfully treated my problem.

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  • My experience with Dr. Grosinger has been phenomenal!

    Dr. Grosinger and his staff have been very welcoming and exceptionally nice.

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  • My experience has been fantastic. No problems at all

    I had skin cancer on my nose which he removed. It is almost impossible to see where the cancer was.

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  • Excellent care and consideration from Dr Grosinger in all aspects of my treatment.

    Dr Grosinger and his staff have been very understanding an accommodating with respect to treatment, office visits and scheduling.

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