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Botox and Filler Injectables

Botox injections can be used to correct fine wrinkles around the eyes, as well as treat medical conditions (crossed eyes and lazy eyes) associated with muscle problems and abnormal eyelid spams.

Botox® is an FDA approved treatment method that works by relaxing the contracted muscles. It is a simple office procedure. The area to be treated is cleansed thoroughly. A topical anesthetic cream is applied to reduce discomfort and the BOTOX® toxin is injected with a fine needle directly into the muscle beneath the affected region. It is a painless procedure, though a slight stinging sensation may be felt. The muscle function weakens, eliminating part or all its function. The procedure takes about 10 minutes, and you may return to work immediately.

As with all procedures, Botox injections are associated with risks and complications including allergies, cornea problems and bleeding behind the eye. Your doctor will explain the pros and cons, and will help you decide on the optimum treatment option for your problem.

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